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1034 words in less than a day--if only I were so prolific! I like your mindset gulley better than mine, Gail. It's all perspective.

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Way to put yourself out there and give back. :)

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What energy in today’s post! And the opportunity to peer inside writer’s mind. I’m grateful you are comfortable sharing the challenges, and strengths, of your author activities.

Your comments on short works of prose implies that a “book” on a similar subject is a different matter. From my viewpoint, your accounts of c, from initial diagnosis to where your care is today, your accounts have focused on occurrences, discrete events, short stories that can mostly stand on their own legs.

To become a book, what’s the glue that unifies them? Preserves logical continuity? I believe “c” is that glue. Perhaps chapters are well written accounts of individual occurrences for the most part. Perhaps at the end of a chapter, simply adding “Next” to the bottom corner of the last page would highlight the continuity? Or a variant of “Kilroy,” the WW II character that became ubiquitous, peering over an open book? At the following chapter... Okay, cheesy, I know. You can guffaw out loud now. 😉

Simplifying, your “c” book is simply writing more than one chapter?🤷🏽 You might alternate between occurrence chapters followed by “what is Gail thinking, feeling, & deciding” chapters. Short monologues? Bridges to the next occurrence chapter. Or just the opposite perhaps?

Jack Be Nimble, Jack be quick, poked his eye with the candlestick! A not so subtle allusion to my foregoing advice! 😬

Am I up to anything worth a word? “Beauty’s in the eye of the beholder...” over time I’ve become a low profile member of a multi-faceted community on Twitter. All shapes and sizes. One thread in my participation deals with folks battling “C.” Not by any design. At first the interest arose from what folks had to say. Or love for critters, etc. In no small way, Gail, how you chose to be with your own journey led me to choose being kind and supportive. I next learned that many of the “C” fighters were connected with each other as well. A post to one showed me their community.

Without writing chapters (Twitter has a way of precluding that🙃) I find that offering a few authentic kind words rarely fails to get a response. Some ask for words to reassure them. Some want to be heard. Some invite prayers from their followers. Nothing is all that different from what we want either. Connection. Loving kindness. A funny joke to make us cackle. I can’t think of anything other than the feeling of electronic, human connection (irony intended 😉) that I want from these exchanges.

This community, lead by typist, paintist, authoress, has modeled their care and kindness to one another. Thanks for the inspiration!

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“It’s gotta be a mindset gulley that we’ve yet to pull ourselves out of. 🤔” ~Typist

“Mindset Gully”

Sounds a lot like a “rut.”

Speaking of ruts...

What is a rut with the ends kicked in?

Yep, you guessed it, a GRAVE!

A grave is the place unacted upon ideas go to die... it’s where unchallenged self-limiting beliefs reside. It’s where unwritten songs and books live. Earth shattering ideas that seemed too far fetched or out there to follow through on...

But not the readers of this love letter. Nope!

They know better because between Typist, The Girl’s, and the Community, we get all the inspiration, information, and encouragement needed to eliminate our self-limiting beliefs, embrace our inner-childhood creative genius, and banish our inner-critic and befriend our inner-coach!


I wonder if Typist and The Girls saw all that before it happened? I hear Typist is great at Visualization!

Hmmm? 🤔

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T-shirt: “On my second guardian angel. My first one quit and is now in therapy.” 😁

Not a problem that I see for you, Gail. Although your GA would have to work with the girls, and there might be conflicts as to methods and goals.

"I'm just trying to keep her safe!"

"But you're shielding her from experience! And growth!"

"And ice cream!"

"And ice— Not helping, Thal!"

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Go for it Gail! Word by word. I have challenged myself to do a weekly Substack (look what you’ve started), my deadline for at least setting it up is Friday! This week!!

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Good luck with the article Gail. I recently started a new paid story on Substack, The Peace Lily Murders. I'm praying that I get more subscribers with this story but will except it if I don't. After all, I'm no Stephen King.

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