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Why, yes, I do crunches! (Oh, I thought you meant the sound that bacon makes…) 😁

[Bacon — next best thing to ice cream! Better, for those of us with impaired pancreases. 🥓 😋 Unless it's sugar-free maple-bacon ice cream?]

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Bacon is a close second to ice cream!

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Enjoy your weekend off Gail. Great response to all those questions. What a lovely gift and message to your caregivers.

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A spoon full of sugar, a bowl full of ice cream--not a bad pill to swallow, Gail. Keep on finding those sweet silver linings in all this. (Sorry for all the cliches.) And, if next week, you're told to eat all the bacon you like, you'll have two happy friends, below!

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OK, I know we’re talking ice cream here, but at the first mention of bacon 🥓 I kind of forget about everything else…

I think it happened in San Francisco, when one weekend, while at a training, I discovered Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies… 🍪🥓🍪

My life has never been the same! AND, I have since then, also discovered 🥓 🍁 🍩!

I obviously have no interest in a vegetarian or sugar free lifestyle… I’m willing to just spend more time on the 🚴! 😂🤣😂

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