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Some reply is surely in order before another day passes! Yep; I read this post yesterday but time happened. Not timeless from what I can tell...

First the questions you posed:

° muse personalities clear? Yes

° Order, speech, actions? No. Yes. Yes. (I’m apparently in my Nia space this morning!)

°Growth suggestions? Enroll Tal in a debate training class. 🙃

In fairness, I should sing Billy Joel’s famous lyric to her: “I love you just the way you are.” On the broader question, my honest self has to note the remarkably fluid transformation that characterizes your evolution! By some inherrant wisdom, you seem to have sought new means of expression for 3mm, kept the keepers and moved on from what wasn’t a good fit. While not being formulaic.

I can’t name one person that starts assembling a jigsaw puzzle in the middle of the scene! So allegorically you spotted border pieces to frame your aspirations and have intelligently/spontaneously continued the puzzle! Better still, I see your actions as one who didn’t get a box with a picture of the scene. Rather, relying on your intuition for what goes where!

“Don’t go trying, some new fashion,

Don’t change the color of your hair.

You’ll always have my unspoken passion,

Although I might not seem to care.”

More Billy Joel. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. 😁

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“My fellow timeless explorers, appreciators of variety and uniqueness, I am so grateful you are here. ❤️💜💚” ~Typist

Hmmm? 🤔

Timeless explorer?

Wow, I never really thought of myself as a timeless explorer before… What a unique gift to be awarded this title!

Mnemo had to know what was out there…She’s insatiably curious and ever inquisitive. She keeps me on my toes!

It appears the timeless explorer at the link below never managed to escape the bonds of the harbor. I wonder how many other explorers are prisoners of their own making?


Next I found some “Timeless Truths.”


It’s hard to say where else we might have traveled if I hadn’t experienced the “squirrel.”

Anyway, I am an appreciator of variety, uniqueness, and especially gratitude so I think I’ll stick around a bit… 😉

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T-shirt: “Life is a series of obstacles preventing me from reading my book” 😁

ACK! How did I miss this one? Sorry, Gail! I blame a series of obstacles preventing me from keeping up with my news feed...

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I think that you are doing a great job. At first It took me some time to understand the way you write but I get it now.

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