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I appreciate the transparency of your “Artists Journey.” I personally told myself a lie my whole life that I couldn’t draw ✍🏼. Not true!

And while I am sure I won’t be lying on my back atop a scaffolding painting ceilings anytime soon… I can paint 🎨 in both my mind’s eye and sketch or scribble in my journal or sketch pad, or on one of the rocks 🪨 I collect while out for my daily exercise.

There is no white fluffy stuff here covering them up like where YOU and the muses are.

I’m playing with a new book called Draw Your Day by Samantha Dion Baker and can’t wait to see what emerges for me… Keeping expectations light, minimal pressure and a keen sense of curiosity.

I am incredibly #Grateful for YOU and “The Girls!”

“Hold The Vision, Trust The Process!”


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Gail, we’re buying one each of your trilogy (correct term?) in hardcover to donate to our local library…

DEB: Shouldn’t you check with the library first to see if they take donations?

…or some other local establishment. Not exactly a huge uptick in sales, but every little bit, eh?

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Gail, I love this! Your writing is so much fun. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw my name. I feel very honored to be a part of this thank you. And no I haven't received the books yet. I will let you know. Thanks again.

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