Typist and the muses started watching The Big Door Prize on Apple TV last night. The show is intriguing and witty!

Simply said... a machine shows up in the town's general store and it spits out cards telling people what their potential is! Hmmmm.


There was a time when I would have been all over that machine -- wanting somebody/something outside of myself to tell me what to do! I wanted the "easy" button.

Here's what I've learned -- LIFE does not work that way. 😂 LIFE is constantly giving us signs and dropping breadcrumbs for our growth and happiness. The thing is, we often miss -- or flat out ignore them.

What happens when we look and listen?

What is your life telling you?

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Wow! Our crocus are GONE! Even our snow crocus (which came up AFTER our regular crocus this spring, possibly because there was almost no snow and they needed a prompt) are gone. And some of our daffodils and mini-daffs are starting to droop, and our first hyacinths are past peak. But the flowers that hit peak last week are still strong!

Now if the deer would stop nibbling the rose bushes... 😠

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Your Emily Dickinson quote lead to 🕳️🐇 and this result below ⬇️. I 💛 this 💌! 🙏🏼🕊️🙏🏼


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Has Nia been rummaging around in my sentimental jukebox? Of course in her Musiness she surely predates that 1970 release. That song was a “sign” of the times. Major universities completely shutdown over anti-war protests. The Weathermen emerged from Students For A Democratic Society to inject violence into the protests. My beard and hair grew longer... 🤭

Here’s a writerly question: what if, buried in Latin (it is a dead language🤔) we found the plural of crocus to be “croci?” Like cactus/cacti? Of course, as often is the case, I digress.

I found your/their painting today very Springy! With a welcoming message. After all, Spring is the season of welcoming a new year of growth and possibilities. Here’s a thought: Thalia could give the old Beatles song, “Hello, Hello” a shot. She’s a natural both in voice and energy!

Happy Springing!

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Beautiful job with the crocuses. So pretty

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Honestly jealous of those of you that can see the ground let alone flowers poking up.

We just started to see our grass again last week and now are back to melting the fresh foot of heavy wet snow that fell.

Maybe I can print pics of Gail’s pics and put them on stakes in the yard to at least fake it a bit here.

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