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I’m hard pressed to see a downside to coming out of a leaf pile showing a little wear and tear? 😁 How can that even have a downside?!

🎶 No christening dresses, or pretty pinafores, if you plan to go leaf pile diving!

Just put on some grubbies with a smile in your heart, and have the best time of Fall!

Your wacky lyricist.

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T-shirt: “My wife just stopped and said, ‘You weren’t even listening, were you?’ And I thought, ‘That is a very weird way to start a conversation.’” 😁

So now you know that gel pens and watercolors can interact. New possibilities await!

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The picture makes me feel like you are saying that no matter what color dress she wears she will always be a fun loving little girl at hear. Dirty knees, playing hard, savoring ice cream instead of counting calories and loving life. ❤️

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Lesson learned but it's a really cute work of art anyways. I love this time of year in Wisconsin. All the colored leaves falling to the ground. As a kid I loved playing in leaf piles. The smell and the crunch when you walk on them. I miss all that living here in Florida. Great job Gail.

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“It’s Saturday…

Get Messy!

Make Mistakes!

Have Fun!

And, if you like ice cream, well… you know what to do! 🍦”

“Make Mistakes... AND Friends Too!”

The 4th element of my COMMITS Pathway to Progress...

Many of us have to give ourselves permission to make mistakes... I love that Typist is encouraging us to make mistakes!

I too encourage “Mistake Making.” The more the better! I also recommend acknowledging and learning from the mistakes we give ourselves permission to make.

I cover the FUN part with my “KISMIF” phrase!

The 3rd element is “Manage Expectations” and clearly, Typist set up some great Saturday expectations for all of US!

Gotta Go! Time for 🍦😊!

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