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Rejected by... yourself?

On May 20 the muses and I are "Climbing-for-Air" with our in-laws -- a tribute to my father-in-law who passed away on 4/13/22. Here's a link to my fundraising page if you'd like to offer a financial contribution. Or... just cheer us on in spirit. Climbing stairs is hard work! 😂


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Natural wood is not in vogue? Say WHAT?! 😳

Deb & I are among those obnoxious shoppers who run our fingers over wooden furniture, knickknacks, and objects d’art, absorbing the grain through our fingertips. We love our wooden tables, wooden chairs, and wooden shelves.

(Yes, we still have some composite-wood shelves — “unnatural wood,” if you will — from our ensign/broke single days, but they are kept out of sight in basement or home office. Hey, they’re paid for! And as a percentage of income when purchased, probably more expensive than our later natural wood furniture...)

(Come to think of it, my first apartment shelves were natural wood! Unfinished. Supported by natural cinder blocks. 😁)

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