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What a love letter! Wowie Zowie! As a note, in my iPhone 3mm email format, the 9 images resemble a psychedelic tic-tac-toe board! On my iPhone SubStack app, they are arrayed in a vertical arrangement.? So the “upper-left” remark on SubStack made my brain itch. 🙃 Half way down appeared two muskrats? My jukebox quickly spun up America’s “Muskrat Love.” Which was banned from radio playlists for its suggestive lyrics! 🤷🏽🤷🏽 What a difference a half century makes. 😉

More on post, I have to say how delightful it is when you do the voiceover (word over?) for Tal! Having grown up listening to radio theater, voices and amazing sound effect crews, I had no difficulty seeing you, microphone in hand, saying Tal’s lines. With enthusiasm, confidence, and mirth. Some days the mergers are more obvious!

A while back I remember an exchange in which you were wrestling with how to create identities for the Muses without spending all your creative energy on the drawings. I offered an approach using more simple abstract imaging (Picasso-esque). Today, that just seems preposterous! All that you have learned as artist/paintist/drawist serves your purpose so well. Bravo!

I had never entertained the possibility that creative artists do so for joy? I think I shared a YouTube video of the accomplished young female cellist who had an array of facial expressions I called “cellist face.” Think Yo Yo Ma. I contacted my niece who’s a violinist in a symphony, to inquire further. Sure enough, she described a state not unlike joy! She explained that part of it was a barely disguised urge to sing as they play. Owning that as part of her own playing style. Not as handy for ones whose mouths are how the music is created. Wood winds. Trumpeters. Piccoloists. So your joy is certainly a “thing.”

And I feel privileged to watch the componentry of yours grow. And again, bravo! Also glad go know that Tal doesn’t sit still for Daphne Willis’ music! Peace!

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Your replies are the B•E•S•T!


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“Oh - My - Galoshes!" 😉

😲🤔🧐... 😂🤣😂


Goodness gracious, great balls of fire!


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T-shirt: “Be grateful that no matter how much chocolate you eat, your earrings will still fit” 😁

(I knew I had a chocolate quip around here somewhere!)

Love the artistic variety!

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