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Space! The Final Frontier! I sometimes refer to myself as a Sentimental Hoarder. A hoarder just the same...

My “collection?” Over 10,000 images. Over 300 videos! I had no idea! Yet the 64 Gb memory isn’t complaining? Yes, Bobby, clouds is good. 🙃. But the numbers are for contents of my phone Library?!

Images date back to my first iPhone/iPhone 4. Almost like folks surreptitiously returning over due books after 20 years. For Sentimental Reasons... (Nat King Cole)

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T-shirt: “ADULTING ★☆☆☆☆ would NOT recommend” 😁

You have 3,600+ photos? Bless your heart! 😌

41,120 photos, 818 videos, 1 item in total (no, I have not figured out what "1 item" is... yet) synchronized across a phone, an iPad, and two Macs. And the cloud, which is where this stuff really lives (my phone actually just keeps a thumbnail of my non-recent photos and videos). Oh, and a local backup drive, which Deb has designated as "the thing we grab if we can only grab one thing when the house is on fire" because it has all the photos.

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Do we “revisit?” LMAO! 😂🤣😂

I opted for a different solution... Clouds ☁️☁️☁️

As many as necessary! I simply don’t care to manage this particular element of my life. And no, don’t even think of asking how many pictures, uhm, errr, screenshots and quotes I have... We need you heart healthy! No coronaries allowed! 😉

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