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Billy Joel, on a very early (LP) album, sang this: “They say that these are not the best of times. But they’re the only times I’ve ever known.” His view differs from Seneca’s as Seneca focuses on our using time wisely, while Joel implies a rather helpless view of what happens. Later in the same song, he observed, “it’s either sadness or euphoria.”

About hashtags. (Bob Seger sang, “Say I’m old fashioned, say I’m over the hill.”)

My always thought when seeing that symbol is “pound.” Built into my brain by science and engineering classes, I suppose. It also is used to designate an ordinal number. So perhaps my oldsterness should revert to the original symbol for “pound” from which # was derived. Letter “l” followed by “b” with a horizontal line passing through the tops of both letters. That might free up brain space for believing “#” means hashtag!

On Twitter I sometimes see a tweet that lists about a dozen different hashtags that differ subtly but still point to the same thing. A Twitter thesaurus? When I do a Google search, below the line to enter my search, there often appear “trending” hashtags.

Just the same I’m glad you are trying to work the levers of destiny. Certainly not over the hill!

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“This little vignette might seem small and trivial to some,” said Calliope, “but every day is filled with moments that can be amazing, if that’s how you choose to see them.”

A great prompt about what we choose to see!

Our brains are a lot like search engines…

If you are searching for Gratitude, you’ll find it!

If you are searching for world problems, you’ll find them. If you are looking for trouble, you’ll find it! If you’re looking for violence, you’ll find it! Don’t believe me? Do a search!

Looking for something amazing? You’ll find it!

In this case, it found me…

I put myself in its path and “it” showed up for me! “It” shows up for me regularly… 🤔

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I understand how hard it must be for y’all to resist. Nothing worse than a stale ladyfinger or mushy strawberries. Give them a fitting end!

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There’s something slightly decadent about fresh strawberries in Winter. And affirming, that Spring is near. Yum.

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