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That is a splendipperous pencil, Loveletterist! The slight bulge in the recycle can lends an air of authenticity as well. 😁

Isn’t it just like Thalia to call after the crow. I have a slightly used crow call she is welcome to borrow anytime. For me I reflexively answer the Barred Owls in our backyard. I’m okay with the basic “Who-who-who-WHO!” The powerful calling that reminds me of flying monkeys is well beyond my reach today. Afraid if I worked on that sound I’d have a free ride to a padded room🤔

The deductive reasoning and focused problem solving by the Muses is impressive! Inspiring! A pleasure to observe (words).

Is there a term for my type? Flower beds long overdue for weeding and mulching, but far from being off on a life adventure??

What?! Lazy you say! “You may be right, I might be lazy...” Sorry, Mr. Joel.

Best to all👏🏼👏🏼

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Caws? Cause?

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