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T-shirt: “My wife said if I bought her one more stupid gift she would burn it. So I bought her a candle.” 😁

I just finished a book where the author admitted, in the afterword, that she had to break it into two parts. The first book was so good that I went onto Amazon the next day to order book 2.

That turned out to be books 2 & 3. Hmmm.

BUT! We (meaning Deb, basically) had signed up for Kindle Unlimited last month (after I reviewed Deb's Kindle spending for 22Q1 & 22Q2 and found that yes, we'd save money subscribing to her ebook habit) so I could actually get the books for free... I just would have to read them on my iPad, is all...

I thought about it.

$26 later, the books (real, hold-in-my-hand books) will be here Thursday.

Real books rock. I look forward to holding your next one, Gail.

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Love the t-shirt! 😂

When I had the food business, I learned a very valuable lesson: Don’t sell something you would not buy yourself. 🤦‍♀️

I know many people love their e-readers and that’s fantastic. I myself like to hold and read physical books. I’m glad to learn you do, too!

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Is “candle” brilliant? Uh, YES! (T-Shirt)

I thought about it… then, squirrel…🐿

Now, 📚

On books, I concur! Can’t wait to hold the next one from Typist! 📖

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Thank you Bobby!

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Methinks Goldilocks has rightly sized up this upcoming work to the letter! How could it be anything less?!

I pondered Nia with her 12-inch ruler and determining the end of radiation treatments relative to when the book needs to be a wrap. Is she so old school (ancient soul) that using an iPhone and quickly flipping months in the calendar app would feel like cheating?🤔

Knowing Tal, it’s easy to imagine her cabin fever. Twirling in the Study has to be very limiting! I hope working on the form for Henny’s leaping uses some of her pent up energy.

Looking forward to well executed leaps!

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Huh! In a recent “listening” with my listening circle, we shared our thoughts on this question: Do you think you are a new or old soul?

Fascinating to hear everyone’s musings about a mystery for which none of us had a “known” answer.

The first attempt at a “leaping Henny” came out alright!

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“And just as water fills a hole because of gravity, existence will rush in to fill us and overwhelm us if we don’t meet the outer world with an inner life.”

~Mark Nepo, The Book of Soul

I love that Typist saw fit to share this quote!

In my Morning Altar’s training, this was our most recent practicum:

“Destination Addiction: The Obsessive Need to Know Where We Are Going"

Two key elements from my practice are wander and wonder.

A participants share on the idea of curiosity and untethered abandon…

The discussion continued on travel, wonder, and curiosity and as it relates to curiosity, wandering and wondering, she said:

“The more I experienced “it” the greater it tasted, and now, I just want to shower and bathe in it.”

The power of words… What would you do if you suddenly realized everything you have ever feared is a lie, a made up construct to explain some element of the unknown?

What would you do if you were unafraid? 🤔

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