The blessings that come from the sky, some might find to be a nuisance. I look at the snow and rain as a much needed cleanse and replenisher. (It may not be a word in the dictionary, but it should be ;)

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Dec 9, 2022Liked by 3musesmerge

“Can you admire the world… as it admires you?”


What a great question to consider... For me, the answer is a definite YES! This morning, my friend Chris said “It’s like the moon is your neighbor!”

My reply:

We are definitely friends!

He was commenting on some early morning moon set pictures from The Red Rock National Conservation Area that I shared with him.

I believe the world 🌎 was admiring my commitment to capture some of its beauty and my reward came in the form of the pictures I took!

I was #Grateful AND I now have a lasting memory in the form of the picture I captured as a reminder of this December Cold 🥶🌕🥶 Moon experience...


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Dec 9, 2022Liked by 3musesmerge

Snow is the theme for my day today. I didn't know that when I got out of bed this morning. Since then I've seen pictures and comments from some folks in my Twitter nest about cold temperatures and snow from Ukraine, the EU, Netherlands, Finland, Norway, and our Pacific Northwest. Now, a beautiful image of a snow-laden branch and a backdrop of a snowy yard or field! All conducive to memories of my winters when I was growing up in Pennsylvania. Perhaps that's why I'm listening to classical Christmas carols?

I love your stimulating question about admiring the world as it admires us! My sense of "higher power" reflects what many Native Americans defined as God. "Everything." Animate and inanimate. Rocks, mountains, lakes & rivers, and of course more obvious living things. Trees, animals, people. I feel strong connections with nature, largely due to being raised by my dad to learn about and respect the outdoors and the creatures therein.

Hooded Mergansers start arriving around this time of year in Tallahassee, and I feel a connection with them. Some of that arises from being migratory waterfowl. Seeing a much bigger slice of the world than I in a typical year. I often joke about quantum physics and the implications for connectivity. Something along those lines must account for my connection with wildlife; it feels reciprocal.

So thanks ever so much for such an apropos post today!

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