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I don’t know which sounds better, the German apple cake or the fence builder story?!

My father in-law told me once that he saved a number of favorite books he’d read in his younger years. “Reading them now at my age is as if I’d never read them before,” he explained.

And... you may be wondering? The fence builder story sounds so familiar to me. And like my paw in-law, surely good to hear again for the first time! 🙃

p.s. I first listened to you telling the story, which I enjoyed in no small way. After my head scratching about maybe having heard it before, I clicked “read” and there was my answer. From Christian Science Monitor! I remembered the carpenter’s solid frame and proud stance. As I read, pardon my comparison, it was easy to imagine you had written the article! Patience. Generosity of spirit. Kind. I/Thou nature. Embracing the “Is.” Seeing the good in all things.

Thanks for brightening my day. Send German apple cake via Sandhill Crane!

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I hold on to a few shelves of books that I love to reference and revisit — as I shift and grow, many stories take on deeper and/or more nuanced meaning. 👍🏻

The article is beautifully written, isn’t it? I appreciate the author’s way with words, and people!

Haha! There’s plenty of cake left. Now… How do I find a willing crane? 😂

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Where’s there a will there’s a crane!

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There isn’t a crane emoji… yet.

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