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“Today a new sun rises for me; everything lives, everything is animated, everything seems to speak to me of my passion, everything invites me to cherish it.”

~Anne De Lenclos

What a spectacular quote and what a wonderful way to greet the day!

I think I may have just discovered my new morning mantra as I embrace the loving smile of the sun!

Thank You!


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T-shirt: “DON’T PISS OFF OLD PEOPLE! The older we get, the less life in prison works as a deterrent.” 😁

(Really ties more into Gary's age comments...)

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Okay. Yes. Let’s get my free associations out of the way. The Muse (Nia?) standing in the shadow cast by the glass of painting/drawing instruments, brought to mind an old Rolling Stones lyric:

“Can’t you see your mother, baby,

Standing in the shadows.”

Keith Richards suggested the word “mother” could reference everyone from an actual mother to a girlfriend to a mate. Such un-writerly imprecision! Then again, that might not be Nia? Bloggist, in gown, from one of her procedures this week? But the hair may be a touch too long. 🤷🏽

Is today your day of R&R? What has your embrace of the sun stirred in your veins? Perhaps a marsh tromp with Henny to search for signs of Spring buds and growth? Signs of life’s renewal and splendor. Fueled by Nutella filled croissants and coffee? To embrace your passion ... ?

Anne De Lenclos lived a surprising 84 years (1600’s to early 1700’s). Is it far fetched to guess such embrace of her passions played a key part in her longevity? It probably wasn’t Nutella!

Perhaps in this “once”, this “only once,” today’s rising sun is a very good jumping off point! 😁

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