How lovely are these pieces of art! I love them!

Hard to answer which one is best.. The scanned one is more graphic but it misses some depth, some color that enriches the picture.

It is hard to draw the arms sometimes because the faces are left blanc, I bet. If you enjoy a little tip... It can help if you always (well, when the position fits it) start one arm on the dress. That arm will appear closer and it gives depth.

You keep surprising with such lovely imaging and text.


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I love mixed media! It is my intention to incorporate stones into my earth 🌎 art!

🖼🎨💐🪨 💐🎨🖼

#PLAY #Experiment 🔮🧪🔬🗝🌡🔭🧫🛠

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Pointillism? Still intact ☑️

Creative efforts? Very much so ☑️

Experiment to assess best effect? ☑️

Discerning eye? As always ☑️

This strikes me as cleaning the lenses of a telescope! Did Nia borrow yours for studying the heavens? She’ll no doubt handle with usual care.

A question on the background color. Was the scan of your sketch paper? Was the picture from your iPhone? The editing tools resident in iPhones allow a lot of enhancements: brightening, saturation, contrast, and a dozen others. That might lighten the background? Do you have PhotoShop?

Printers can also provide their own “special effects.” Cleaning print heads and re-calibration steps exist on mine. I don’t know of color adjustments per se. I bet pre-print reviews prior to publishing takes on a much greater role than my untrained eyes could fathom!

You seem to have someone well suited for the job!🙃

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T-shirt: “English is weird. It can be understood, though, through tough, thorough, thought.” 😁

I like the photo. It feels more real.

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Love Austin Kleon but didn't know Maira Kalman yet. Thanks for the tip!

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