Two thoughts from Typist:

1. Thank you for your support of my Climb for Air!

Mostly because you are helping me to dispel a long held belief that asking for what I want/need is... somehow wrong(?).

2. I sent a request to Barnes and Noble yesterday... asking them to offer Wandering Words, Meandering Muses, and Flourishing Fictions to their customers. 😲 Today my ask is -- Will you please send up a prayer that B&N hears my call?

"If you don't know who you are praying to, join the club -- no one does, for sure." ~ Rolf Gates

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May 12, 2023Liked by 3musesmerge

I’m not certain that “serendipity” is the correct label. Today’s post title, CRUCIBLE, addresses the forces (fire traditionally) that shape and convert us to a better form. Something new.

The accompanying image of mortar and pestle could imply the opposite. Forces that grind us down. Either emotional distress or physical challenges if not both. Still the outcome can be like a crucible’s. A new and better form. Guacamole?

My own experiences in AA speak to both mechanisms. Reaching our “bottom,” not the one we sit on, is the pestle that readies us for change, brushed with humility. Then the working of the Twelve Steps combines the mortar and pestle (Steps 4-8) with the crucible (Steps 9-12).

The Muses - as a council of moderators - reminds me of references to “an Angel on my shoulder” as a guiding light. Mentioned by my grandmother in particular as the result of knowing and following God’s instructions for right-living. While not suggesting that the Muses are in fact God (‘tho they are manifestations of a purpose driven life), I believe taking instruction and guidance from Tal, Cal, and Nia could keep me headed in a good direction. 😁

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Pinched for Growth? Unlearn the unhelpful learnings that have become stuck? Guacamole! 🌮🥑

I really want a copy of the Big Book!

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May 12, 2023Liked by 3musesmerge

“judgmental accusations erode… rather than build… trust.”

Great guiding words for me and excellent bookend for my week!

This week I let loose on several judgmental tirades and stood on some soapboxes for no real reason other than frustration or unwillingness to sit in unsettledness.

It scared me because it made me question my progress -- was this the real me? Is this me having made a mistake in choosing this environment because this is how I choose to be in this environment?

Do I apologize?

As your quote reminds me, I feel awesome when I’m able to trust, trust as a default and to be trusted. But you’re reminding me of the link between judgment and trust.

What I ended up being grateful for was my ability to see this faster than before and adapt back to a better spot. And then being grateful for those that I do trust for being non-judgmental back.

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Thank you for an open and honest share!

I too had a slip this week — pressuring myself to rush based on a hunch that had zero supporting evidence based in reality.

Isn’t watching one’s own personal growth one of the most exciting and exhilarating experiences of life? 🤩

“Those that I do trust for being non-judgemental back.”

This is rich!

And gives me the opportunity to say…

I will continue to work on my communication by the exploring “power & privilege” comment from the one who tossed it at me. I’m embracing the experience as an opportunity.

Have a great weekend!

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