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I quickly noted the rich soil around your pumpkin plant. Soil under nails measures efforts!

If the Rorschach Inkblot Test is familiar, the way faces appear from one day to the next can also be a “Projective Technique.” That is, what we “see” is at least, in part, a reflection of who we are in that moment. Or what we draw? What we hear?

I’m still reflecting on my perception of the dotless faces from yesterday? Maybe having already participated in BigJoy, Day 2/morning portion, had primed me to “see” more clearly or more comprehensively? Somehow knowing about their respective personalities allowed me to project some of that onto what you drew? Whatever was operative at that time with me saw much more “expression” in the Muses faces! 🤷🏽

On the BigJoy experiment I’ve undertaken, a couple comments. The 7 minute estimate is misleading. First, there are 2 activities per day and so far none has taken just 7 minutes. For me that’s not a deal breaker. Second, the exercises for me offer a chance to lighten my mood as I start my day and can play out in the rest of my day.

Opinions vary widely on how long it takes to form a new habit. None suggests my one-week, 7-day exercise is adequate. My search on this found references to a 66-day average time! Is there a downside to expending the effort? The effort after all is to learn how to bring joy to the lives of others and, in turn, to ourselves. Not at all a new concept, but establishing that as my default setting is a whole other matter. (Note: that isn’t the case right now, but this old dog is willing.) In another lifetime I studied research design and methodology so the experimental structure of BigJoy is not a poor choice for me. However we can bring joy to the lives of others, and ourselves, is the point. Beau coups writing and thinking exists on the topic. “Follow the yellow brick road!”

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I am inspired and empowered by the richness of this community and the understanding that we can indeed do hard things and here is an opportunity to join in on a FREE 45 day challenge to celebrate a ride across America AND 🚴🇺🇸🚴 the understanding that we can all be more mindful. Guaranteed to change your life or your money back! Did I mention it’s free and comes with an ironclad money back guarantee? 😂🤣😂


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T-shirt: “Am I getting older, or is the supermarket playing some great music?” 😁

I gave up on veggie gardens long ago (since there are cheaper, easier ways to feed our pests) but this year I am trying spaghetti squash. I stuck a few in a pot last winter, and in a few short weeks we had pretty flowers! Wow! So we can grow our own squash?

No. There are male flowers and female flowers, and three sets of seeds later, all of the ones I have grown are male. (I think.) So I am trying to grow the plants outside, and maybe a natural pollinator miracle will happen. (I have noticed the leaves are bigger and more plentiful than the ones grown inside. Hmmm.) (Also I have squash plants growing where I definitely planted no seeds. Thank you, squirrels, always appreciate your input. 🙄)

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