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T-shirt: “The most dangerous animal in the world is a silent, smiling woman.” 😁

Next: a silent, slightly scowling woman? 😉

I like Gary's thoughts on the ebook. I don't know about incorporating animated GIFs (we've just published ebooks on Kindle and Apple Books — Deb's books have illustrations, which came through nicely, but we never even thought of animations). The idea of animated muses feels delightful!

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Jul 30, 2022Liked by 3musesmerge

Hmmm…. SubStack is enjoying these “Hazy, lazy, crazy days of summer, Let’s roll out the soda, and pretzels, and beer.” (Nat King Cole)

In the sense that this post isn’t showing up in the app on my phone? 🤷🏽

Back on topic. Your mention of cicadas then the robin paying Cal a visit stimulated a mental video: from the swarms of cicadas to a squadron of robins to Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds.” Whatever it takes. 😬 Is there a particular sound female cicadas emit in response to the males bellowing? Giggles? Mere eye rolls? (I’d expect the effect to dazzle with compound eyes 😂)

Today’s post had a feeling of time travel with your harkening back to the incident a year ago then updating to right now. Nicely done!

One final random thought: for producing the book inspired by “c” and your creativity, what if it were completely an ebook? Someone far smarter than I could quickly swat away my following thoughts.

This would be more than a regular ebook with mostly words and sketches. Could actual photo images be incorporated? Could GIFs be included for a sense of animation?

My frame of reference comes from my use of Twitter to occasionally shout into the Void…. But GIFs and photos and videos are interwoven into other folks’ tweets on a routine basis. 🤔🤷🏽 That sort of format would allow full featured images to accurately convey the right colors. This would likely require using space on a server to store and provide access to the book?! A quick look just now indicated that Cloud Server space can rent for as little as $5/month!

How to access and upload to the server is above my pay grade. 🤗

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