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Yard sign: “FREE WEEDS! Pull your own.” 😁

Just be careful of heart-shaped rocks, okay? 😉

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Today’s post is a treasure! The EARTH heART design jumped out at me. Assorted leaves, the water worn heart stone, and tiny red berries placed here and there, with flowers, was masterfully executed!

Seeing quality photos of Bobby Kountz and having the opportunity to learn more about his living endeavors I appreciated so much.

And how could I not mention your fabulous smile! This might be my imagination (moi?) but in several recent photos your smile is more radiant than the last one?! I’m saving your interview with Julie Browne for later in the day and am looking forward to it.

The World Series is right around the corner and you keep hitting home runs! Just the right touch. 😁

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Go to the mirror my friend…

“The world is a mirror, forever reflecting what we are doing within ourselves.”

-Paraphrasing Neville Goddard

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“Today’s post is a treasure!” -Gary Spangler

Let me start with Thank You! #Grateful

My dear, dear friend, Typist!

Where does one begin...?

The story of Earth Art, like many stories, is multi-faceted. Since I’m not writing a book here, I’ll use one of my newer skills, word economy.

Even with that said, this WILL NOT be a short reply, it simply won’t be a book!

On 12/1/21, while watching a TEDx, I, along with many TED goers, I learned I could indeed draw, even if it was a simple cartoon character.


I scribed the words: “Could learning to draw be as easy as a commitment to learn?” Followed by, “Time will tell.”

And so it began... Along the way, as a regular reader of Gratefulness.org - I discovered an Earth Artist creating under the brand, EarthAltars.com • This discovery led me to the book, Morning Altars, by Day Schildkret. This connection led me to images on IG, and an open invitation for “Beauty Makers” to join the Second cohort of Morning Altars Practitioners Training where I secured the last spot in the Cohort 2 training class.

Which brings us to Typist’s invitation to talk about earth art, earth altars and in particular, Morning Altars.

Morning Altars is an active meditative practice with seven distinct movements.

1. Wander & Wonder

2. Place

3. Clear

4. Create

5. Gift

6. Share

7. Let Go...

Wonder and wonder, is the treasure hunt of gathering and foraging items for what will become the altar. Place, is where we practice listening to the place that calls us. It’s an opportunity to sit on the earth and experience a place meditation or to simply connect more deeply to where you are and to witness all that surrounds you, perhaps for the first time…

Clear, is using a brush or your hand to clear the space at your feet revealing the blank canvas for your altar. Create, it’s all about play. Can you reconnect with your childhood genius waiting for permission? Gift, practice generosity. Set an intention for your altar. Devote it as an offering for your life, as a celebration, as a gift to those who came before you, or to mark on occasion. Share, photograph and share your beauty making. And finally, number seven, where we began with Typist which is let go! This is the element of impermanence, a part of the practice which most intrigued me. It’s where we get to practice walking away from the beauty we’ve created, having only the memory, and a picture. It requires a willingness to walk away from the art created, leaving it to nature to do with as she pleases, and typically, she pleases to destroy everything we work so hard to create, because that’s her nature. She is known as the wind and the rain. The earth loves and needs her. She is our mother...

After I created my very first altar, which was before I knew anything about Morning Altars, I already knew this would be my Life’s Work. It’s no surprise that the pieces to support my practice quickly fell into place after I discovered the original art from Gratefulness.org and I’m now engaged in becoming a fully certified Morning Altars practitioner.

I have decided to use the name Serenity Altars for the work I will create as I take my practice forward and share it with the rest of the world. Each day begins for me with the serenity prayer as part of my sobriety practice and I see Serenity Altars as a natural extension of that practice.

I could go on but if I did I would probably have to write a book…

Hey wait, that’s probably a really good idea, maybe I’ll write a book and call it Serenity Altars... Hmmm?

If you want to know the rest of the story, you’ll have to let me know and I’ll keep you posted as to the book release date. If there’s enough interest in my story of being converted from left handed to right handed at age 4, and only discovering that “hidden within” was an artist seeking liberation, hiding there, in plain sight, my entire life…

Here is a beautiful short 5-minute professional clip of my teacher and this practice. Enjoy!

“YAY Canada! SO grateful to CBC Arts for this gorgeous featured article + video on Morning Altars that came out this morning!” (While at the RETREAT). “I’m so proud to keep amplifying a regenerative message on grief, beauty, nature and impermanence. 🍂 And to share this life affirming practice with YOU, my beloved teachers. Please share the link with all your friends as it helps when your circles and colleagues understand more about the purpose of this training: https://www.cbc.ca/arts/morning-altars-to-process-grief-he-makes-beautiful-earth-art-and-lets-nature-wash-it-away-1.6624261 •” ~Day Schildkret, Founder

Once again, #Grateful to YOU, Typist, and what an honor it was to meet, IRL! 🤩🤯🤩

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