A note from LoveLetterist:

Thirty plus years ago when the movie Groundhog Day was released, I wasn't seasoned enough to grasp its message.

I turned up my nose at watching a scene played over, and over... and over again.

Silly me.

I get it now.

What if we're not here to change the world?

What if the world is here to change us?

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Your offering today of Max Frost was as full of energy as possible. I had to marvel at how such a video is choreographed? My hat’s off to those creationists!

After my yesterday’s erroneous naming a pencil shaving as a mushroom I’m now hesitant to try to name the furbee in your morning’s art. I imagine it’s belting out Feelin’ Groovy by Simon and Garfunkel. I so like your skillful collecting of twiglets from outdoors to fashion arms. Placed just so! Of course you are the creator, LoveLetterist.

Has Thalia had too much coffee this morning? Lacing up her running shoes? Or is that her necessary attire when an urge to twirl comes along? 🤔 Cal, as usual, simply stated the facts of the moment with no sign of pushback. Go, Cal!

The quote from Tolstoy fits like a buckskin driving glove. Ladies and ladies, start your engines! 😁

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