Great News! Typist and the muses kept their promise to themselves and sent off rough draft of book 4 to their editor this morning.

Thank you! We could feel your support and encouragement fueling us! 😊

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The new experiments with art techniques leads me to think Hammurabi’s Codes were discovered and employed! 😬

That activity goes well beyond Kandinsky’s “action painting.” I’m eager to learn how this approach originated?! From your own fountain of creative urges?

The second image, straw hat at the top, suggests you’re brimming with creative ideas and impulses. 😬 Sorry.

The “juicier” pickings comment conjures up some graphic images. Please stop short of earthworms! I realize the latter are not vegetation, but the thin line between creativity and madness comes into play.🤔

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Wow, painting with flower juice's. Interesting, I like it. Congrats on getting your 4th book done. 🎉

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