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“we’re responsible for experiences that aren’t our fault all the time”

Love to play with the distinction between fault and responsibility and obligation!

I threw myself into Australian mining and oil/gas projects about 10 years ago. The culture there about “see something, say something” -- your job isn’t just your job but to be aware, look about your impact and surrounding areas. Adjacent work. Mental health. Exhaustion.

This was an awesome experience for me.

And I think it also has shaped my non-safety related approach as I seek to care about more than blame. And connect with more than just like minded people.

And in terms of zig when the world zags -- I love that too!

Imagine a sales guy that’s supposed to not have an ops voice and tendencies to break the rules -- instead stopping unsafe work. Once I learned to do that it was game changing for me.

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Rhuuu-barb! I made an effort yesterday to purchase strawberry-rhubarb scones at Whole Foods. Sort of to commemorate both my grandmother and my mother for their growing and using this terrifically tart vegetable. Alas, no scones. Perhaps snapped up by the Easter feasters?

Finding a cherry pie wasn’t a bad second resort.

Tal’s lilting exclamation suggested to me the coffee cake might soon emerge from the oven. With or without strawberries? I wish that “smellophones” were a thing. Wafting Waukesha aromas my way would be dandy! All that seems available in N FL are wilted stalks in the produce isles. 😔

Jay’s recent post you quoted from was excellent. A nice quilt of grown up traits that make us all a wee bit more pleasant to be around. His words were worth repeating.

May the aroma of the coffee cake fill your home, and the taste be totally terrific!

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Rhubarb. Hmm. I will eat it if served, but I don’t order it. If it has enough sugar, that’s too much sugar for a diabetic. (Yes, I have chocolate desserts at restaurants. Yes, there may, perhaps, be some amount of sugar in there somewhere. Chocolate. Whole ‘nother thing. 😉)

Awesome photo, however!

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