Today's love letter was inspired by: https://www.gapingvoid.com/blog/2023/04/13/what-is-your-practice/

My longest standing practice has been a morning wander with a fourleg -- almost 30 years! Might not look great on a resume, but it's sure been good for my soul. 💜

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First, a request for illumination: What fruit or vegetable occurs at both ends of the bar? I thought blueberry. Then red cabbage. Then turnip. (Remember my red/green shortcomings.) Then rutabaga. Then I stopped as it felt I’d followed the bread crumbs way too far into the deep, dark forest!

Studying the weight lifter, and with a recent haircut, I guessed it was you! Whomever was intended, it served well to illustrate the work which dedication to a given practice requires. 🙂

Stumped again (or at least unrooted), the vegetation in the foreground by the weightlifter’s feet?? Scaling to the overall drawing I suspect they are a bit smaller than a quick glance suggests?

I find it heartening to be in the company of weirdos and eccentrics. 😬

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