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What a beautiful fireplace to make your time less painful. I didn't catch a single typo. Are the muses copyediting for you, perhaps?

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Ooooh! I like the idea of the muses catching and correcting.

And the fireplace is toasty, too! I wonder if they turn it on in summer. I’ll be sure to take note.

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I had a hen who could count her own eggs. She was a mathemachicken. 😁


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Donna: quotation mark he’s so romantic. Every time he speaks to me he starts with, ‘Fair Lady.’”

Tina: “Romantic, my eye. He used to be a bus driver.”

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“Soaking in human connection, like a sea sponge holds salt water, Typist asked questions about her caregivers and jotted notes on an exam room pilfered sticky note.”

Wow! 🤩

This may be one of the finest descriptions I’ve experienced yet from Typist…

You’ll notice my comment doesn’t say this may be one of the finest descriptions ever written by Typist, but instead says “I,ve experienced.”

Sometimes, as writers, we can easily forget how emotive our words can be when sequenced properly to metaphorically describe something specific.

Brilliantly articulated Typist!


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Thanks Bobby!

My connections were fantastic today… I learned something personal about everyone I met.

I gave my infusion nurse one of my paintings and a link to this blog.

Somehow I managed to stay awake? 👍🏻 Going to nap now. Henny and I can talk later. 😂

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It’s great to read how well the last two days have gone for you! And I for one rely a lot on talking with my doggo. Remember the old trademark used by RCA? It juxtaposed a dog sitting next to the conical speaker from an old Edison style record player. The caption read: “His master’s voice.” Henny will strike that pose any day now.

Peaceful slumbers and looking forward to your splendid accounts. One day at a time.

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