The muses are insisting I link two songs here. I'm not sure why...

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MYPJOCxSUFc (The Boxer, Simon and Garfunkel)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RV-Z1YwaOiw (I Hope You Dance, Lee Ann Womack)

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I LOVED to dance as a teen and young adult. Then I married a non-dancer, and we had a family and bought an old house, and there went my dancin' shoes. (It's OK--my husband's positive qualities more than make up for his three left feet. Yes, three. At least that's how if felt when he stepped on my foot.) Sadly, neither of us are good about prioritizing fun. This is a good reminder, Gail!

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Apr 5, 2022Liked by 3musesmerge

Unfortunately it's more like two left feet inside me! LOL

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I often find myself twirling as well... Although, when the body gives out, my mind is still going. :)

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Apr 5, 2022Liked by 3musesmerge

T-shirt: “Another wine bottle with no genie at the bottom. I’ll keep looking.” 😁

"In the clearing stands a boxer and a fighter by his trade

And he carries the reminders of ev'ry glove

That laid him down

Or cut him

Till he cried out

In his anger and his shame

'I am leaving, I am leaving'

But the fighter still remains..."


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The dancer inside me was a wallflower for many years. First, insecurity about her looks and ability held her there. Then it was her people pleasing, practical ways that held her back. Doing everything for everyone else.

I let my dancer come out to play a few years ago and there is no sidelining her anymore. She is here to dance and play.

Love the rivalry between the muses. I was thinking how much my family is missing my inner people pleaser😂

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