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The muses are in Rochester Minnesota! We are finding joy in supporting the initial stop on the GratitudeSpace tour.

Last night Chris Palmore, and several others from the retreat I attended last October, shared stories and gratitude with over 100 caregivers from a local medical facility.

It brings me great joy to see Chris’ efforts with gratitude begin to flower!


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#Grateful to be on this GratitudeJourney with you and “The Girls!” I think I might have seen a twirl, a discerning look (or two), and definitely some contemplation. And for sure, FOUR very big smiles filled with Joy! 😊


Breakfast of Champions!


Chocolate Chip & Bacon!

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Pannenkoeken!! Yay. Still my kid's favorite lunch food.

Where did you eat these?

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Pannekoeken — something to be on the lookout for when dining! (Okay, lots of carbs and sugar, but only a third of that counts if you share it, right? 😉)

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