I cannot recall how the Shyamalan speech came to my attention! It was sometime in the last year and I recall watching it 2 or three times over a couple of days. The “two stories” and “both are true” really grabbed me and wouldn’t let go. So much so that the video was front of mind this morning.

Haha! I did hide under a bushel last week. So glad that darkness has passed. 😅

MNS’ talk is in step with how I choose to frame my life... show up, do the work/play, believe that it will find its way to where it’s meant to go. Do I want to force things sometimes? Not really... and societally speaking that might be considered a flaw? Even while reading Sivers this week I have to keep reminding myself that his path is not my path. Grateful to have his books though to hold up as a guide to follow or not follow.

I think it was you who suggested there are many ways to experience the Universe? Like Frank... apparently I’m insistent on doing it my way! 😂

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T-shirt: “Carry a good book, and you’ll always have company. [AND A WEAPON]” 😁

"Back off, fella! I have an unabridged dictionary AND I WILL USE IT IF I HAVE TO!"

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Dear typist, paintist, writist, cancer/COVID conqueress,

After watching Shyamalan’s presentation, I have to ask how you came to view it? I realize you trust that the Universe is friendly/has your back, and (recalling the Keith Richards and Mick Jagger part of the story) I’d love to hear how this gem became part of your zeitgeist?

Intuitively it makes perfect sense for you to have found, or been found by, this lesson. And that your nature predisposes you to share the lesson. (You’re far from being the Biblical character whose inclination was to hide his light under a bushel.)

Did you take heart in watching MNS? Did you feel empowered or validated? I’m thinking, “Yes, yes, and yes. 😊 I found a strong resemblance to a story Deepak Chopra told about how he found an illustrator for the book he wrote about Rumi. Chopra emphasized the role of intention in getting the result he sought.

As always, thanks for your creativity and generosity!

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