A note from Loveletterist:

I spent yesterday afternoon shampooing carpets. Perhaps not not everyone's idea of fun (including me) and yet -- Oh! What a feeling! when the job was done.

Is there something you're avoiding that you can clean up? With a feeling of empowerment?

This morning over on Clubhouse Elaine Pardi and I conversed with the Curiosity Crew about relationship, environment, and the energy we put out and receive. Here's a link to the 35 minute replay: https://www.clubhouse.com/room/M61AayRo?utm_medium=ch_room_xr&utm_campaign=3MKslrpXVNhSycVUAFAWvQ-883180

Instagram video breadcrumb...


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Sep 6, 2023Liked by 3musesmerge

Loveletterist, as one who taps the keys many times a day, what measures do you take to check the accuracy of Web addresses? Seeing the character strings after www.clubhouse.com and after your video breadcrumb, how do you spot “typos?” Spell check functions don’t seem to offer much value. Do you have “addresses” for such spots among your contacts? Or a grey parrot that recites them as you type?

On another topic, I see once again Nia’s “criticizayer” hard at work. I believe if she had the responsibility for supervising 20 or even 9 associates in a work setting (think Gen Z), she’d blow a gasket!

I’m not sure if her comment, “Our surroundings affect how we feel” referred to the pre-cleaning status of the studio - collaging, watercoloring, mixed media projects - or if she has decided to be the resident critic? That may require a new LoveLetter title: Two Muses Merge, And One Bails Ship? That didn’t roll off my tongue!

Ice cream works wonders! One scoop or two? On the house! Just not on the carpet. 😳

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