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I'm most fascinated by Leon's 17 million views! Maybe debut authors building their platform need an exotic creature in a tank. Maybe I can have my husband film me wearing a costume, sitting in the bathtub. Is that breaking any rules? (Just a thought that made me smile. Hopefully you smiled, too, Gail.) And yes, we are all part of nature--"the external world in its entirety"--per Merriam Webster.

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Yet another feast for one’s senses! Delightful daffodils don’t dawdle. “Leon” is a wonderful crustacean expose! Stirred memories of a fresh water tank I bought for my son when he was 7 or 8. Long since fledged, we just found a new home for it last year. Almost 30 years.

We just returned from a 60 mile drive in the country, with a long stretch of dirt roads and large expanses of plantation property. (As they are still named to this day) Wild grape vines bearing new leaves formed boas around the trunks of majestic live oak trees. Wisteria vines about to burst out in their beautiful clusters of purple blossoms. A high flying Bald Eagle was nonchalantly ignoring the much smaller dive bombing bird. Seeing old African American AME (African-Methodist-Episcopal) churches, one with a hand lettered sign, offering the times of twice a month services. Some churches had full parking lots. Others, their lots empty, awaiting their circuit preacher to hold Easter services next Sunday. Or maybe the next?

That was just part of celebrating my birthday today. Cards from friends old and new. Texts from old friends with good memories. Plans for a nice at-home dinner tonight! A special ring from my wife connoting 24+ years of continuous sobriety, inscribed with words from AA. The phrase, “To Thine Own Self Be True.” It used to be harder when I didn’t know myself.

Going out on a limb, I’ll guess that celebrating Nathaniel’s accomplishment yesterday will involve more than scones?! Has he shared that news at the bait & tackle shop where he worked over the years?

“Oh Lord, what a morning!” Not sure if it’s from Porgy and Bess. It reminds me of the line from Fiddler on the Roof. Zero Mostel, when asked how he was doing, replied, “Full catastrophe living!” Later that became the title of a book about mindfulness, by Jon Kabat-Zinn.

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Happy Sunday! And Happy Palm Sunday if you are celebrating. I am so happy that you are rule breaking. It’s nice to know that when ever you feel that creative urge that you can follow it. Who made up these rules anyway?

So your favorite fisherman is home with a trophy? Congratulations! I feel the same way when either of my boys do anything that also live through vicariously.

I believe we are all nature. Think about in the late spring early summer, barefoot swishing your toes in the morning grass or at the beach in the sand and feeling that connection. For thousands of years people have practiced grounding. Being one with nature, because we are. Listening to the wind, the birds, and other wildlife.

This morning walking down behind the garage to the river with Finn(my not so miniature Aussie), we apparently frightened a cotton tail rabbit who took off for cover hiding from us. There’s all kind of wildlife in the pile of tree branches we gathered after a particularly storm storm last year. There were birds fluttering about making all of their morning noises, it was beautiful.

I hope Leon has a wonderful new life as a pet! He is so amazing.

I wish you a beautiful Sunday!

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That's pretty cool, recuing a lobster. Maybe we all need to rescue a Leon.

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😂 Found it - thanks, Gary!

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T-shirt: “I want to dance with somebody who loves me. They’re much more likely to forgive me when I step on their feet.” 😁

(Probably not what Whitney Houston had in mind?)

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