As we go through tough times, most of the time we feel that we are alone and that no one understands the pain that we feel. It's part of self pity that we experience as a human. It doesn't make it a bad thing, just a human thing. We know that we have caring people in our life but that doesn't always make it easier. You are feeling what you are feeling and there is nothing wrong with that. Much love to you Gail.

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Luckily you can’t hear me sing here on Substack. The words from typist/paintist/wordist sparked a memory of The Sound of Music:

Doe, a deer, a female deer

Ray, a drop of golden sun

Me, a name I call myself

Far, a long long way to run

So, a needle pulling thread

La, a note that follows So

Tea, a drink with jam and bread

And it brings us back to Do.

Besides reading about two does, I’m sure I heard soft voices. A dedicated effort to share life lessons from wise perspectives. Repetition of lessons -a sure fire way to prevent forgetting. Gail’s comments about parts of her immediate environment - Henrietta, the two does, a tick-tock clock, remembering which friend gave what book.

A feeling not unlike watching the older glass spheres containing a winter scene and teeny flakes for snow. Upside down then upright again resembling lazy, falling snow. Softly, beautifully.

No doe outside my window, but a raccoon just crossed our patio to peek through the glass of our kitchen door. Our pooch, Izzie, ever watchful, charged the door and sent the bandit packing! Presence of a different flavor.

My intent, though circuitous, was to note and honor the privilege I feel sitting amidst these warm, loving exchanges with Gail. So much I’m hearing and learning about loving kindness.


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Door mat: “TALK TO THE LOCK. Communication is the key.” 😁

DEB: (shown the picture of the mat in the catalog) Hmm. Actually, you already do that. "Hey Siri, unlock the front door." And then Siri tells you when she's unlocked the door. Communication.

ME: Don't you think Gail will appreciate the play on words?

DEB: Wouldn't most people?

(Not sure about that.)

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What Pennie said is so true! It is our human condition that allows for the occasional pity party. The one that we are NOT enough of this or that or that we ARE alone which we are not. But when you are in gratitude you cannot be negative! Isn’t that a beautiful thing! Our minds won’t let us go to the negative side. You my friend are full of gratitude, and definitely not alone ❤️❤️❤️.

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What a beautiful post. I can only imagine the fear you have. It sounds so logical to feel alone with the emotions you have. And the cr*p you’re going through.

I feel I can say this because you have a loving home and friends and that you can count on them. So maybe you are alone with the specific feelings you are dealing with, but not alone in life.

And not doing it right enough? I know that critical voice myself. It’s annoying. And so merciless.

Makes me think of a cartoon I saw recently. Someone was falling off a cliff and another woman said: “Maybe you should do more yoga!”

I may not remember it perfectly… but it made me laugh so much.

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Yup right here Gail walking life's journey with you.

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