Unlike time, life is not linear.

It has twists and turns.

You make plans and the unexpected forces you to re-calculate.

Knowing this, some of us might be content with the scenic route.

~ Abbie Pierce

“...Knowing this, some of us might be content with the scenic route.”

Here’s me saying, I’m beyond content... I’m excited about the scenic route! Let me be clear though, my route does not include intentionally declaring bingo or covid...

If I can continue to avoid this scourge and all the other microbial offerings looking for human hosts, I will not be disappointed. I will not experience FOMO! 😉

Wishing you well and sending coordinates to reset your GPS! 😎 ...Recalculating! 🧭☺️🧭

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Dec 21, 2022Liked by 3musesmerge

I like your sketch/drawing today! Does Henny own a pair of pup boots? Predicted wind chills have me wondering about Izzie, though she never seems to experience any distress from walking on cold pavement.

I hope you and your indispensable Muses keep your paddles in the water... maybe not the ideal metaphor for “continuing to create.” While practicing acceptance. 😊

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If I put "Like" on this post, does that I mean that like the post or "like" the post or the content or the share or what?!?!? So confused. I am not confused, however, that I wish you a healthy and speed recovery.

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Thank you. I catch what you're throwing.

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T-shirt: “I host an OCD meeting at my house every week. (Sure beats having to clean the place myself.)” 😁

Best wishes for a quick recovery, Gail!

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Oh no. If you have Covid I hope that it's not severe. It can be a scary virus. Feel better soon Gail. Prayers to you.

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