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I slid into the chair and said to the hygienist, "I'm sure I'm not the first to tell you this is not my favorite place to be. That said... on the drive over I decided to focus on what I like about being here. It's you! I love hearing about your family. Tell me what's happening with your boys."

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Nov 7, 2023Liked by 3musesmerge

I cringed at first on seeing the ribbons! Imagining you asking the hygienist to tie them to your front teeth after the final touch!

Does your dentist always check after the hygienist wraps up? Are X-Rays part of the cleaning package? Are you relaxticated now? (Tal told me to ask you)

The details in your LoveLetter suggest that you conjured a package of acceptance mixed with hope and a sense of humor, colored with loving kindness!

Well done! Now on to the business of living and creatorcation. 🪄🪄

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