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"Rainbow Hair" is a chapter in my upcoming book.

The book's working title has shifted from Book 4 to Cancer-ing with Agency

🎉 Progress!

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Great working title!

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In case you missed a click on the "kindling connections" green highlight above... Here is a link to an Instagram post created by my friend Chris Palmore -- creator of Gratitudespace.com.


Do consider signing up to receive a daily text invitation to paint your days with gratitude?

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“What does one do with an idea?” 🤔

I wonder if one does with an idea the same as one does with a chance? Hmmm?

Does one first begin tentatively and then, as one grows, becoming more excited, more involved, more committed, less inclined to stay inside the lines, less inclined to accept the confines of the box others might try to squeeze us into?

More ready than ever before to dance with both fear and our muses?

Ready to “wonder” out loud!

Ready to behold the ordinary... and see the extraordinary?

#Wonder #Awe #Chance #Change #Courage

What if? #WhatIfWednesday


What Do You Do With a Chance? — New York Times best sellerhttps://a.co/fH33Vu5

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I was at the library on Sunday and checked out: What do you do with an idea? by Kobi Yamada

His books speak right to the heart of me!

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Right there with you… 💛❤️💛

Or should I say… ❤️💚💜


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Sign: “If you love someone, set them free! If you hate someone, set them free. Basically, just set everyone free. Then get a dog. People are annoying.” 😁

I'd say you're basically there, Gail. 😉

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One question...

What happens when you get a dog like Henrietta? 😂 Does it means you are condemned by the Gods?

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“Gimme head with hair

Long beautiful hair

Shining, gleaming

Streaming, flaxen, waxen”

From Hair: American Tribal Love-Rock Musical. Hippie speak. 🙃

Somehow the array of brightly colored scarves brought that to mind. A la:

Gimme a head with scarves

Long, colorful scarves

Brilliant, sun washed

Blowing in the 🌬

The urge to Nick can be hard to resist, even if poorly done.

Sometimes the links you provide prompt a journey into the forest. Leaving a trail of breadcrumbs! By the time I realize I’d left your blog post, the trail of breadcrumbs has thinned a bit, gobbled up by cold, winter birds! Once returned to your post this affords a fresh start! Where was I? 🤷🏽

Does your Thanksgiving day include dining with extended family? Going out to let others cook and tidy up? Maybe with a dab of butter pecan ice cream on pumpkin pie.

However that goes, keep the Muses busy! Tal could raid the candy dish when no one is looking, leading to crimson cheeks for some? You can’t disown them at this point I would think!😉

Happy Thanksgiving!

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We are heading north to Manitowoc this year. A few of my mom's siblings organize a potluck in a cabin at a park. Looking forward... because of Covid, we've missed a few years.

May you have a delightful day (and meal!) with your loved ones Gary! Happy Thanksgiving!

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