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Eight years ago... I started learning how to write for an audience.

Two and a half years ago... I believed I could learn to draw and paint.

Today... I'm feeling the sheer joy of taking what's in my head and making it tangible.

What's in your head?

What step will you take today?

Without steps... Are you on a stationary bike?

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It struck me that what you’ve achieved in the last 8 years resembles reaching “critical mass.” Not as with nuclear weapons and radiation. Rather like having enriched your zeitgeist, allowing the influences of a multitude of factors to show forth in your creative urges!

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Hmmm... What a beautiful way to describe what at times has felt like pure chaos and despair!

This morning while walking Henny I thought about my mission and vision. I can look back and see how I have been living it -- out loud so that it might serve as inspiration and or condemnation from others.

And yet.. No matter what others might think (or, more likely ignore)... I am still true to myself! 🎉

Now... With the picture book, I get to explore a different way of communicating my mission/vision. Reading/speaking is another avenue I am pursuing. And then there is book six... a foggy calling that assures me it will come to be.

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When you started along this path what were your aspirations, if any? Were there any forks in the road? Or seminal moments? What obstacles did you anticipate you would encounter? Were there unanticipated obstacles? Thayer would often say most of us misinterpret the reasons for our successes or lack of. My step-dear friend is to connect joyfully with what is in my heart.

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Aspiration with 100 Naked words?

hmmm... Not so much an aspiration as an opportunity to feel heard -- to connect with others who had no specific thoughts about who I was or who I should be.

Seminal moments?


An early 100NW post that brought tears to my eyes and released a clench on my heart.

All of the people who have come into my life and practiced I/Thou...

Leaving Medium for Substack.

The Akimbo course.

More connections.

A book!

Two more books.

The muses.


Another book!

Visual art making.

I had no ideas about obstacles.

I had never dreamed of being a writer or artist.

The biggest obstacle has been and continues to be myself. The areas in which I fail to see my own potential.

I believe what is in my heart is the divine Holy Spirit. In fact I saw a bible verse posted about that this morning. The greatest gift is being able to bring my human self into harmony with God.

Doing so takes a whole lotta faith and trust.

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Isn’t it wonderful when we “become”.

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If you are not yet familiar, you might like:


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Let’s get some fresh air and dream while we walk Henrietta.

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That is exactly what we did!

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