I lost my sense of smell and taste for quite sometime because of covid. It was a long recovery. I hope that you are doing better now. Much love to you.

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My NOAA Weather App helps me contemplate the full meaning of “abundance.” So far this morning I’ve had an abundance of alerts! Severe thunderstorms, damaging winds, tornado watches, and more than a couple lightning strikes within one mile of wherever I was at the time.

What did this teach me about “abundance?” In that no alerts have led to harm (for me), I’m grateful! 🙏🏽

I’m about to peel a clementine! Also grateful. 🙏🏽

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I'm glad it came back!

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What’s the lesson here?

“Everything is either a gift or a lesson.”

~Rajesh Setty

What’s the lesson here? Why show up? Why bother? What’s the point? Where is it all going? Does what I do even matter? What difference could I ever possibly make? Does anyone care? Why should I care?

“Is there anyyyy-thing more energizing than the scent of citrus?!”

Hmmm? 🤔

A great question to continually ask ourselves. What can I learn from this? What’s trying to emerge?

“YOU have the power to focus on abundance.”

~Typist, a.k.a, Gail Boenning

“… when we think of what we have… instead of what we have not… all things become possible.”

~Typist, a.k.a, Gail Boenning, (Calliope)

Typist is a contributor. The Girls are contributors! The majority of Typist’s posts usually have a question mark. Why?

She’s encouraging us to think for ourselves and draw our own conclusions… 🤔

Be a contributor, not a guru. If you’re an expert, it’s ok to share your expertise, but explain that it was your experience and what worked for you might not work for someone else… Be humble.

Create frameworks for yourself and others to explore. Remember, it’s not about the answers we receive, it’s about the questions we ask…

“Every house has a frame, but no two houses are exactly alike.” ~Bobby Kountz

Here’s something to think about… 🧐🤔

Does tomorrow ever really come?

When it arrives, what is it?

From the rabbit 🐇 🕳️…



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T-shirt: “Evening news is where they begin with 'Good evening,' and then proceed to tell you why it isn’t.” 😁

I guess for Gary that is actually The Weather Channel? Glad you're okay, Gary!

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