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Gail, I've been getting nudges from my Substack authors about Notes. And from Substack. Alas, while I can appreciate the window of opportunity to take advantage of Twitter's shotgun blasts at their own feet, I was never much of a Twitter person; I quit when Musk took over, not so much in protest as because I never used it any more (it was useful for getting a feel for national network outages and problems, but once I retired from IT I just didn't care). So please don't feel ignored if I, um, ignore you? (Also four other authors on six other stacks.)

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Not a chance.

I published this post because I believe in Substack and their mission to support writers. I'd love nothing more than to see them shift the culture of social media.

I have a Twitter account, but never took to it. Not because of any of the kerfuffle surrounding it, but rather because it felt too big and I already had a community on Medium, then Substack.

I really haven't spent anytime exploring notes. It does look a lot like Twitter? I like that I'll be able to use it to highlight comments from 3mm and BFN readers as well as to support other Substack publications I follow.

Thanks for your comment Jack. A friend who for more than a year sent me an uplifting quip almost every day. Feel ignored? Never.

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