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“Genius is nothing more nor less than childhood recovered at will.”


This is one of my very favorite quotes! But why?

Because, I believe that in life we need a lot more reminding than instructing and this particular quote is a powerful reminder that everything required to be or become whatever we choose need only be recovered from the awe, wonder, and curiosity of our forgotten youth...

Yes, that means it’s already within us and simply requires liberation through rediscovery.

One of the best examples that immediately comes to mind for me is the childhood brilliance of Charlie Mackesy and his commitment to just make his art!

In his book and now Oscar winning film, the boy, the mole, the fox and the horse, there is a line where his character, the boy, asks, “I wonder if there is a school of unlearning?”

On the following page the mole offers a line of wisdom, while speaking to the boy, as they sit together on a tree branch:

“Most of the old moles I know wish they had listened less to their fears and more to their dreams.”

Interestingly enough, Bronnie Ware basically indicated the same thing in her book, The Top Five Regrets of the Dying.

“1. I wish I'd had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.”

"This was the most common regret of all.”




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I like the looks of the landscape and the pannekoeken. Makes me want to visit both! 😊

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“Wonder is nothing more nor less than childhood recovered at will.”

~TheEarthHeARTist, Inspired by the childhood genius of Baudelaire

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The Baudelaire quote is perfection. The landscape? I think I camped there once while backpacking in the George Washington National Forest in SW Virginia!

The pannekoeken was not up to par?! Tal mentioning maple syrup made me wonder how a ho-hum outcome was even possible. I recently prepared “million dollar bacon” which was glazed with maple syrup and dusted with powdered cinnamon. Being applied to bacon helped. 😬

Another glance at the pannekoeken makes me wonder if cranberries were used. They would be more puckery than blueberries, my first guess. Red/green issues you know.

More maple syrup!

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