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Rhubarb pie with vanilla bean ice cream on top might tempt me. Maybe.

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Last things first. Yes! Over the moon indeed!! I count myself as quite fortunate have found myself in the collective midst of 3mm. As if I went for a morning walk with dog and suddenly found myself in Mesopotamia! I remember that region being called “The Fertile Crescent.” Fertile minds as well as agricultural fertility? And the 3mm community really is one of fertile minds. Perhaps gardens, too, typist?

Now back to the beginning. I saw no sign of strawberries of any kind. June or otherwise. I personally believe it’s a conspiracy of nature for rhubarb to flourish before the strawberries bear fruit. It would take a highly skewed proportion of vanilla bean ice cream to counter the tartness. Is chocolate syrup allowed? I called rhubarb “red celery” as a kid, but my tongue was not convinced.

I liked your keen observation about the breeze on your bald head. That triggered the thought I might soon share that same experience with you! Over the last 10+ years I’ve parted with various patches of flesh on my head and face from disavowal of sunscreen. Some have been basal cell carcinoma. Now I am feeling new bumps here and there on my scalp under cover (mostly) of my hair. My next visit demands I set vanity aside, along with all my hair for the time being, to afford full visual access. Then off to the breezes!

So thanks for your heart and skills for community building, and this one that has resulted. Best wishes for your neighbor!


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Bringing up rhubarb... When I was a kid in Wisconsin my next door neighbor had a patch of rhubarb for some reason. My best friend and I would sneak over there sometimes and steal a couple. I'm pretty sure our neighbor knew that we did that but he never said anything. Ahh childhood memories...

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I love rhubarb! It is not easy to find here and I wouldn’t know how to prepare it but would gladly eat the finished products, which all sound delightful.

Thanks for blessing me with some muse love as I wake up from the toe surgery. Now I rest. Rest. Rest.

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We LOVE rhubarb and rarely find it down here. I tried growing it but found that it is too hot here. It is a cool climate plant. When we see it in the produce departments we stock up. Slice it and put a couple cups in a sauce pan with a little water and a cup or so of sugar. Simmer for while to make rhubarb sauce. It's every bit as good as applesauce.

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When I was first married we lived in Oklahoma. Yep my ex moved this NY girl there. I was young and in love.

We bought a farmhouse that had an orchard in back. We had paper shelled pecans- Pa Cons as I would say Peee Cohns as my neighbors said.

Our favorites neighbor was a fantastic baker. She could make something out of literally nothing. One day she asked me if I would “share” some Pecan’s. I told her that I had apples, pears but no pecans. She said see those giant trees there? That’s what they are. Go shake a branch and bring me some. The “shell” literally falls off them hence the reason why I didn’t realize they were pecans.

She taught me how to make the best pies from what was just sitting in my yard. Great person. Now I never knew her to make anything rhubarb. Okra she could make 30 different ways but never rhubarb.

I moved upstate in the Catskills to take care of my Dad 7 years ago next month. Up here it’s RHUBARB everything. So my first thing to have was a friend taught me how to make strawberry/rhubarb pie. She also makes that sauce which I love just by itself which is the base for the pie. 😉

Mine rhubarb patch is alive and well. Going to be big this year.

I love that the muses love the comments. Makes my heart sing 🎶🎵

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T-shirt: “TO MY CHILDREN: Do not make fun of me because I need some help with the computer. Remember who had to teach YOU how to use a SPOON!” 😁

Possibly to eat rhubarb?

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“What is your real work?”

This may be one of the best questions ever!

Can five simple words, properly placed in the right sequence, be the catalyst for awareness and awakening?

What if we slowed down just long enough to answer this question from the deepest part of our soul?

What difference are you committed to making with your one wild and precious life?

Was Mary Oliver onto something while watching a grasshopper? What was her real work I wonder?

What indelible mark are you committed to making during your lifetime?

Walt Whitman suggested with four simple words a process for living…

“Be curious, not judgmental.”

What are you curious about? Real work?

Yes… 🙏🏼🕊🙏🏼

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