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Notes from LoveLetterist:

The idea for our next project is burning a hole in Tal's pocket. She wants to tell everyone.

Nia wants to keep it under lock and key. Not only is it fresher than a newborn kitten; there's a lot of exploration needed before viability becomes certain.

(What joy to find an appropriate place for a semi-colon!)

Calliope is aware that over the years they've read both pros and cons to sharing one's ideas and works-in-progress publicly. I believe she hit the nail on the head with her closing sentiment. To everything there is a season!

What happens when the contradiction is inside, not outside?

Muse wrestling!

A couple of writers I've shared here on 3mm are showing their work and doing so to great affect. If you haven't already read, you might appreciate:



One last thing:

It has come to my attention via the book Ultimate Leadership by John C. Maxwell that in simplest terms, leadership is influence. I've been thinking about that a lot since I read it yesterday. Why do I publish publicly every single day... instead of writing in a journal. Influence, of course! I am hoping that through showing my journey of waking up to my life through curiosity, creativity, dependability... etc -- that others might take a journey of their own with a recognition that there is no "right" way.

Am I a leader?

I hope so... in a "be your own guru", "lead yourself" sort of way.😁

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Today’s sketches, for reasons I can’t fully explain, brought to mind The Ziegfeld Follies from the early 20th century. A movie from 1945 exists in watchable form. No time travel required.

The skirt details, the loopy shoelaces, (the one in the upper right corner might be wearing Mary Janes 🤷🏽), and similar hairstyles seem to point to a “look.” I can hear the Muses chanting, “On with the show, this is it!” Although Nia’s voice is somewhat subdued...

Today’s quotes, as often is the case, I find fascinating. Joan Vinge’s first husband also was a writer of science fiction, and was born in Waukesha, WI!

Thomas Merton, an ordained Catholic monk, led a life of comparative religion studies. In his short 53-year life he wrote 50 books! Not unlike LoveLetterist’s comments about today’s post, he also seemed motivated to share his practices and beliefs with the world to show his pathway to a life beyond strife and struggles.

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