Love seeing butterflies. I had a miniature orange tree in a huge planter a couple years ago. I found about rive caterpillars on it one day. I left them alone and watched them grow larger every day. They of course were stripping the leaves but I didn't care. Then one day I found four of them but couldn't see where number five was. I looked all over the deck thinking may be it had made a cocoon some where. All of a sudden a wasp dive bombed passed my head and grabbed one of the other caterpillars. I ran in to get the wasp spray but it didn't come back. The caterpillers that were left made cocoons and eventually hatched and flew away. I sure enjoyed watching them. The orange tree died but the butterfies were worth it.

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“Each of us contains multitudes… from finesse to largeness.

What a gift to be able to experiment, to take responsibility for our choices… to see what comes of them.”

It appears Typist and the girls are in good company! 😉

“I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become.” -Carl Gustav Jung

One more for good measure!

“The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you really are.” -C.G. Jung

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T-shirt: “A man telling a woman to calm down works about as well as baptizing a cat.” 😁

We keep trying to figure if we just have one swallowtail butterfly in the neighborhood, or if there is some complex scheme they have such that only one at a time visits us. 🤔

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First, that’s a lovely planter! And a nice touch with the Swallow Tail butterfly.

It seems some time ago I remember you supporting and encouraging folks to “live out loud” and to not let the judgements by others to discourage us from doing so. Your post today reminded me of same.

Calliope’s patience with Thalia “denching” onto the deck made me chuckle. I’ve had great success with my dog, Izzie, on our walks getting her to sit while I snap this or that slice of life. Who would tackle that training with Thalia? 😂

Unlike Cal, I have some testy moments that, when interrupted, find me exclaiming, “That would have been the perfect shot of this horned tomato worm!” Intended at some level to chide or embarrass the interrupter, notwithstanding a ho hum image. 🤷🏽😔

Pushing others’ buttons can hardly be viewed as kind hearted! Much less being a way to communicate on that or any other topic. (I do have some good images of horned tomato worms...)

Thanks, as always Gail, for your supply of kind nudges and situations that illustrate your point.

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