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“Let us not be afraid to lose a little fur… Finding our greatness takes courage, awareness, effort, and time.” ~Gail Boenning

What a Quote! #Quote

Since I’m known to be a bit of a “QuoteWrangler,” ALL of you can expect to see some more of these gems! 💎

As I reflect on Typist’s quote, I know that many people do great with the first several elements, but when it comes to the time element, that’s where the real struggle begins...

I believe “Patience” is considered to be a virtue for a reason.

I would also submit that greatness isn’t “found.” It’s not hiding under a rock somewhere... Greatness is created with the aforementioned elements AND time, not our understanding of it, not necessarily when we expect it, but in divine time.

People choose to make a difference!

“To make a difference is not a matter of accident, a matter of casual occurrence of the tides. People choose to make a difference.”

~Maya Angelou

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“Howling, yes indeed I’m prowling, and I’ll sure keep on howling, till you come back to me!” Humble apologies to Fats Domino. 1957. Now my jukebox re-writes the lyrics!

The black and white treatment was just perfect! Well, Thalia’s auburn tresses might have popped against the white motif had color been chosen for just that one.

Searching for “Wabbit twacks!” Perfect metaphor for how we ourselves search for, and with a determined effort, find our own way. When you finished reading from “The Velveteen Rabbit” I began applauding! Oops! Well, despite my magical thinking, I found the words to be in harmony with the overall topic of becoming authentic from every effort we’re willing to risk/invest!

How’s this for self-motivation on awakening: “Time to lose a little fur!” A “fur check” may be warranted on an ongoing basis... one can’t risk what one lacks. Does shaving qualify as “losing fur?” 🤔. Like grandma’s remark about “pushing one’s self away from the table” being the best exercise, avoiding further temptation to comment seems the best way to strive for brevity.

Happy Day to you and the Muses and Henny!

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T-shirt: “I don’t do drugs. I don’t drink. At my age, I get the same effect by standing up too fast.” 😁

Sadly, this is becoming true for me, if I stay in a crouch for too long. The solution, verified by my doctor: don't stay in a crouch too long. Would that all my aging symptoms were so easy!

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