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I fear the two Heath Bar crunch cookies I just consumed have my brain aflutter! So many thoughts arose from your post that I'll try to focus. No dissertations! Yesterday J. Krishnamurti wrote about hypocracy in various forms. Claiming to be "this" while living like "that". Reading books to appear erudite. Stating our "beliefs" that we actually don't hold to. You, Cal, and Urania seem to have a good handle on the differences. Imagine! Choosing Love over Fear? Not such a dangerour course of action if living genuine lives is our goal. In JK's post he even mentioned telling people we love them because we're afraid of them! To pacify them? (Love soothes the savage beast!) Years ago an electrician on one of my projects broke all three special order adapters for some track lighting, because he failed to first loosen a set screw that allowed the locking lever to be moved. I thought, "What a knuckle head!" I learned many years later that he could not read. The color rose in my cheeks. I felt cruelly judgemental. Not loving. Know what? He later worked on his GED so he could learn more. To read.

How did I know about the set screw? I quickly read the directions that came with each adapter. I just had not made my way to learning about benefit of the doubt, having compassion. I was still midstride in my 30-year career of alcoholic drinking and had not yet admitted that I had no answer for a disease that was killing me. Admitting my failure. Asking for help. Realizing I truly had a lot to learn about life. Not set screws, but being a decent human. Sober 24+ years now. And still far from knowing enough, and that's why 3mm is such a blessing to my life, including all the wonderful people here I've come to appreciate so much.

As for Tal and mud wrestling? Picturing that is a little joggy! Same for you, Gail. Roller Derby? Maybe. Many thanks,all.

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So many thoughts going through me head after this post. "We're nobody's guru". but what if you are? Does the writer get to decide how their words are interpreted? Do you get to decide how you are defined in the world? You may simply want to be a bridge to possibility, wonder, and joy but don't limit yourself there. To me you are all that and so much more. Often, I feel as if you are writing directly for me. Sending messages, inspiration and wisdom that I yearn to hear. I'll take a woman's small t-shirt please.

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Love is the ONLY answer!

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I think T-shirts would be a lot of fun once you mater your craft on the muses.

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Love always Gail 💚

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T-shirt: “My moods don’t just swing. They bounce, pivot, recoil, rebound, oscillate, fluctuate, and occasionally pirouette.” 😁

>> "Thank you 3mm family for being thoughtful, contradictory, and respectful with us."

<touches hat brim> It's what we do, ma'am! Glad t'be of service. 😊

P.S. Love your pup sketch!

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