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Good day 3mm! We all have heard of “synchronicity,” right? How about “Synkairosity?” I haven’t. 🤷🏽 But with the former we hear folks discuss “coincidence,” and the actual word, “Synchronicity.” Big deal? Yes, it’s occurred again.

I’ve hesitated to throw any distractions into the beaver lodge that contains the players (Hi, Tal, Cal, Nia!) and the matrix of energy for book birthing. Today’s fresh post poses the idea of Muse Picture Books. Aside: The pictures are acquiring ever more nuance! Fabuloso! Previously I recall an idea of individual books featuring one Muse at a time.

So??? My intended suggestion along both those lines is to have just one Muse reply to typist/writist/picturist’s beginning of each day’s new blog. Amplifying. Questioning. Concurring. Dancing? But seriously, that could serve to flesh out their unique personalities even more. Could “force” community members to focus on that one’s traits. Illustrations showing a Muse voicing (cartoon balloons) her thoughts. Nia. Or inviting readers to offer their own replies. Cal. An interpretive dance pose to illustrate the tone. No guessing needed here to fill in Tal’s name. 😬

I’ll bet this has your quarks and neutrinos spinning! Oh, sorry to sound slightly suggestive. 😔 A quantum mechanics thing-a-ma-bob.

POP-ing intrigues me. When I imagine myself “drawing” I immediately see stick figures. I’ll certainly need Tal’s help conveying mood or emotion. Even adding feet would help... I “see” that POP practice as forming a channel, a conduit, to allow the two way flow of creativity. First ,the feet. Did your note cards have illustrations?

Elaine’s contribution to cabin-weekend must have been no small matter! The Fascinate personality assessment process reminded me of Enneagram-ing from some years back. Boiling me down to seven words has been my wife’s goal for years! Did you see similarities?

I hope the lodge has wall space for Thanksgiving decorations!

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T-shirt: “I THINK I MAY NEED PROFESSIONAL HELP. A chef, a butler, and a maid should do it.” 😁

Deb pointed out that I do a lot of the cooking, and we have someone come in every other week to housekeep (what was once a necessity when we were both working is now an affordable luxury — plus we don't want to dump Yuliya and her crew, who have been loyal over the years), so we just need to figure out how to hire a butler and we're all set. My suggestion for a robot butler has been taken under advisement. 😉

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