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Just a hug for you and the muses- all will be well ❤️

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Just when I was beginning to feel like a real creative, I am exposed to a video that left me shaking my head… Had it not been for the words of Jon Batiste, I might have let my lack of video creativity impact the belief I have in my own creative capacity and ability.

My current vehicle, (sound), is pencil ✏️ and sketch ✍🏼 Book. 📕 Also, my voice, 🗣 as a storyteller. I am not a musician yet… As of this moment, making music is not my sound... 😊

I do however find great JOY in listening 🎧🎼.


The wisdom of Jon Batiste… 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼

“I’ve always thought that you have a sound, and that sound represents something.”

“The music is always speaking to you, if you listen, it’s telling you what to do. It’s not, what do I do with it, it’s what did it tell me to do?“

~Jon Batiste

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Yesterday’s “Fruit Cocktail Tree” post was a delight. Bearing it’s offerings of compassion, comfort, song, humanity, and connection! Your posts engender kid in a candy store sensibilities. And the replies from all of your followers? Like fertilizing the fruit cocktail tree!

I had difficulty loading The Malaise graphic video from your post. I finally succeeded and learned of its connection to The National Film Board of Canada. Part of that search revealed direct access to many other films from their offerings.

The Malaise was a spectacle of filled-to-the-brim graphics. I didn’t wonder what was being depicted, and almost felt there were words accompanying the production. That you, Gail, and others felt the relevance to what you’ve been thinking and feeling was perfectly illustrated. I liked the rocking horse on its upside down rockers! The mostly burned match transforming into a wispy figure devoid of strength and vitality was magical to watch.

Maybe resting when the traffic light is red? And let the Muses clean away any paint residue from your brushes. Forming then fluffing the bristles when dry. Arranging “just so”. And you? Visualizing aspects of the Muse trilogy. Planning a painting for the full arrival of Spring? Testing some new yoga positions? Teaching Henny a new trick. If you wait too long, you’ll be faced with the “old dog/trick dilemma”. Or nice long naps. 😁 CURE!

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I was so moved by your blog today. We are always questioning ourselves. Like we need permission to rest or have to explain why. Sometimes we need rest because our minds are so busy and the quiet is so lovely.

Have yourself a little rest. Don’t worry about the 🕰 relish the absoulete deliciousness of it! Self care is key to all of us. We cannot function without it.

The video was mind blowing. I watched it twice because it was so good.

Hoping the rest of your day and night was wonderful. I wrote a story, and lost it due to a techinical error. My own! I am better with a pencil and paper but force myself to use the keyboard. I am a very fast typist but for me I feel like I find different words when it is on paper.


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Doormat: “Ring the doorbell, and let me sing you the song of my people! — The Dog” 😁

The video was nice! Aeon does good work.

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Interesting video

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