“It’s Sunday… Why are we writing?” The Muse of Many Questions slurped 7UP lemon-lime from an aluminum can — a perfect pairing with leftover Italian Napolentana pizza.

“Thalia insists,” said Nia. “I’m honoring her because if we don’t write it now… our story will slip though our fingers like a greased pig at the fair.”

“Bit of an elusive grasp there with the metaphor, don’t you think?” Cal gave Nia the side-eye. “And yes… We’ve lost many a tail that way.”

“They copied our line! WeBanjo3 loves us!” Thalia insisted. “Look! Right here on page 71 in Meandering Muses!”

“Seeeeee??? Isn’t it wonderful?!!! Imitation is the GREATEST FORM OF FLATTERY!” Thalia executed a cartwheel followed by a handstand. “WE ARE LIVING THE DREAM!”

“Do we tell her?” Cal whispered.

“Nope…” said Nia, “…let her feel joyous. All art is theft. She doesn’t need to know we are the thieves. this time.”

A word from Typist…

Turns out C is full of gifts. All feelings are amplified in me right now.

The concert felt like one of the most precious gifts I’ve ever received. WeBanjo3 brought me godbumps and tears. And… They will be back here this summer for Irishfest! ☘️