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Sign: “Pubs — the official sunblock of Ireland” 😁

Love the flower/shamrock/chair bottom arrangement! 💚

Basil ice cream might work with less sugar and a bit of roasted garlic? Kinda like creamy pesto (kinda)? 🤔

I loved the movie "Soul"! But Deb doesn't like jazz, so I saw it on my own. ☹️

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A day for “Soul Study” it seems? 🤔

I was tempted to interpret the quote from Kurt Vonnegut, Jr., on art and souls, as a tap of the reins to get me on with carving!

For my sometimes boggy brain, the Bobby Kuntz inspired photo is of your doormat, solid body stained deck boards peeking through, sporting freshly picked flowers from your land? The pattern of the mat imparts an industrial element, the deck boards an earthy quality, then topped with flowers in all their floweryness from the realm of natural beauty! That might just be me “mansplaining” from the perspective of a colorblind set of eyes. 🙃

Whatever you’re doing in the creative realm, don’t stop!


I have to admit it’s getting better

It’s getting better all the time

Getting so much better all the time!

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"I believe “c the invader” is in full retreat."

As retreats go, may it be so delightful that "c the invader" never comes back. I'm celebrating your health, Gail.

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The Earth HeARTist is pleased to see his work inspiring the girls and typist! 😊☺️😊

He is #Grateful 🙏🏼🕊🙏🏼

I am aligned with Vonnegut who once said, “When I write, I feel like an armless, legless man with a crayon in his mouth.”

Obviously his soul grew despite the way he felt about his art…

And more importantly, despite how uncomfortable writing felt, he wrote, and wrote, and wrote, and grew, and grew, and grew… ✍🏼🎨✍🏼

#Vanquished #Cure 😎

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