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When we were getting our drafts of illustrations for Deb's children's book "Caitlyn's Adventure," the illustrator (Valerie Bouthyette) had added a ladybug to some of the drawings. There is no ladybug anywhere in the story, but Deb loved it. She asked if Valerie could add the ladybug (never given a name) to all the illustrations, and Valerie did, except for a couple where it made no sense (and in those cases, I extracted the ladybug from existing final illustrations and added her (him?) to the facing text page). We learned later that our young readers enjoyed searching for the ladybug.

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That brings me a big smile Jack!

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It’s times like this that I wish images could be added to replies because I would seriously consider showing off my smile induced by Jack’s response and your reply! 😁

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So today, we went diving... 🕳️🐇

It was quite a journey! I don’t know what everyone else’s response to the love letter is, but for me, it often involves a trip down Internet Lane...

Here’s just one of the places today’s “hint of red” Journey took us:


We also created an art piece titled “Hint Of Red” with the accompanying explanation:


“Hint Of Red”

Location & Season:

Ancestral Lands of The Southern Paiute Nation, Las Vegas, NV • Spring 2023

Made From:

Gerbera Daisy, Peruvian Lily

Process & Story:

This “Hint Of Red” Altar is a direct result of my dear friend Gail Boenning’s 3MUSESMERGE blog post from Substack today. The title of her post? “hint of red.” What happened? 🕳️🐇

Her posts have become a regular rabbit hole for me. Today, I was also reminded of the “red thread” and the many meanings associated with this term AND I learned something new today about The Royal Navy and rope…

Ultimately, I decided if a hint of red was good then a lot of read might be Grrrreat!


May we boldly embrace wonder and curiosity while finding the courage to follow the path The Great Mystery places in front of us so we can discover or develop our own, personal, red threads…

If I could post a picture, I would show you my earth art. 🌎💛🎨💐🎨💛🌎

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Hi Bobby! Thank you for sharing some of your 🐇🕳 finds with us!

I really enjoyed Tamsen's red-thread discussion. I too learned something new about red thread in English ship's ropes.

Your red EarthArt dazzles! Wish you could share a photo here in comments.

Thank you for the blessing... so beautifully said.

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Gadzooks, Bobby! That was all fascinating to read. The link to Tamsen Webster’s discussion of “Red Thread” resonated somewhere in my “heart” for want of a better descriptor. I, too, wish picturation in reader posts was an option. 🤷🏽 Muchos gracias!

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“Picturation!” Love it!

“Gadzooks” great word!

My red thread…

“Gratitude, the red thread of life.”

My watch words for 2023








2022/2023 = AWESUM!

Did I mention I love to make up words?

Adaptaversagility! 😉


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You must be jokulating!

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I love the touch of red. Did you know that the ladybugs symbolism means good luck and also the bringer of gifts? You are doing so well with your paintings. To me working with watercolor can be tricky but you are doing great work with it. Have a Happy Easter Gail.

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Thank you for your appreciation and encouragement Pennie. This painting business is a respite... from the noise in my head. 😂

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How lovely (love letterly) that the Lady Bug lead into such a helpful topic and resulting discussion. I know that arrived yesterday... 😬

The part from Mother Theresa struck a note at the end of a frayed synapse, mine, attached to mention I made of Matthew 25: 20-40. Particularly Verse 35 which talks about us helping the “least of these folks” being instances of helping our Higher Power. Of course Matthew chose other words, but to the same effect.

In these verses one is advised to “pray for our enemies.” In the AA Big Book that action is also recommended for instances of others who have harmed us. I heard a member share, facetiously, that she had prayed for her “enemy” to go to Heaven. Tomorrow!! (Synapse repair in progress)

I hope such deeds are ones I can carry with me as I go along. Not for notoriety but to pay it forward. 🙏🏽

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