You do what you have to do, but remember that you are thought about everyday and that your writings are always looked forward too.

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You know me, Gail. Why write three words when a paragraph will do? And, yes, I had already started cooking up my very best saga in response to this 3MM post.

I was preparing breakfast in the middle of reading/thinking and had a da Vinci moment. Well, a short one. He advised walking away from our work so that when we returned we might see it in a new light.

And I did. After sitting down with my cinnamon roll, I knew you had already found a way to process and share your journey. With touches of humor in your Muses’ remarks, as well as your own. By being willing to share the details central to this process and offer timelines of what happens when. Going so far as to invite readers’ questions.

That leaves me with only one request or suggestion: on the days for infusions, visualize your going and returning as if on a luxury passenger train car, accompanied by fellow creatives and yogats (or is that yoginis?), readers, and of course the Muses. Be sure the wait staff are well stocked with cupcakes, scones, and delightful teas and rich Turkish coffee!

Thanks for your guidance, today and always.

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The bar was walked into by a passive voice. 😁

There’s an old biology saying: “Under the most carefully controlled conditions of temperature, humidity, and moisture, the organism will do whatever it damn well pleases.” I see no reason not to expand that to human cells. Sometimes, sh*t happens, and we deal with it. 💚

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Here I was thinking it was all about Lions, Tigers, and Bears…

It looks like maybe the Rhinoceros was being overlooked. I am grateful for Margaret and Thalia. Typist and the other girls too!

It seems I have some new material to dig into now!

Speaking of material, Freedom is my number one core value so this word and idea resonates with me at a very deep and profound level.

Conversing with a client this morning, he revealed to me he had also come to the conclusion that Freedom was one of his core values as well.

I encouraged him to identify the feelings surrounding the word so that he can move from thinking to feeling and will be better equipped to communicate to his clients and customers why he believes this value is so important and what embracing it will do for him and them.

This blog article provides a perfect example of how we can use this value to serve ourselves AND those we care about.

Oh, and one last thing… I definitely recommend the luxury passenger train option and the idea of inviting everyone to join you.

Maya Angelou never went anywhere alone…

She took an invisible entourage everywhere with her.

Here is what she said:

“One of the things I do, when I step up on the stage, when I stand up to translate, when I go to teach my classes, when I go to direct a movie, I bring everyone who has ever been kind to me with me. Black, White, Asians, Spanish-speaking, Native American, Gay, Straight, everybody, I say come with me, I’m going on the stage. Come with me, I need you now. Long dead. You see?”

“I don’t ever feel I have no help. I’ve had rainbows in my clouds.”

“If you teach, you have to live your teaching. We must do our best to live our teaching.“

I am so grateful for this little blog… 🙏🏼🕊🙏🏼

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