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The cardinal on birchbark certainly caught my eye. My eye however, being my eye, struggled to resolve the birchbark-looking part. Skillful shading lent itself to a curved look. The stippling stumped me. “Dot, dot, dash, dash, dot.” The Morse Code of love letters?

Earthworm castings are touted as being beneficial to growing healthy plants. Just as some rent out their goats to clear brushy areas, do earthworm herders rent squads of worms? The daily rate per worm? What if the cardinal eats some?

On James Joyce’s words. Two days ago I was feeding our nesting pair of Canada Geese, scrunched down mostly on my right thigh while offering bits of my homemade bread. Finished, as I attempted to rise (with right leg now asleep), I fell in the direction of the birds. Much wing flapping ensued! Indeed I do stumble along. 🙂

Metaphorically I took your painting plus plant to suggest, “If it isn’t quite Spring outside, bring some into the studio.” ☑️

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Curious question: does Henny eat earthworms? A friend caught her dog checking out her patio after each day of rain; each time, all the scattered worms vanished. She decided that, well, it's extra protein...

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